“Call me. Dial your number. Go ahead.”
Lost Highway (1997)

The cinema: one of my great passions,
and one that I learnt about from Stephan Portmann in the very special seminars on cinematography he gave at the Institute
of Journalism and Communication Studies of the University of Fribourg. A short while ago I found these animated GIFs – superb!
Just watch and enjoy. There are now 241 of them.


Soll und Haben

This is the title of the anniversary publi-
cation by my late friend Peter W. Bächtiger (pwb) who died far too early. It contains contributions by a dozen or so Swiss copywriters and illustrations by Nico. Available free from Jost Communications. Simply send an email .

Obituary by Jean Etienne Aebi in pdf-format (in German).