The most important thing about things are not the things themselves. Let’s rather talk about passion, ideas, fun, experience, and money.

Most agencies focus on business branches, on the media, on special areas, or have no focus at all. After 30 years of experience in the business I can say, the real question is: how can I generate maximum surplus value for my customer, which goes beyond my expert know-

I believe the answer lies in personal commitment; it’s that feeling you get when a topic really thrills you, when you really enjoy the job you’re doing, when you stop looking at your watch all the time. It’s all a matter of passion!


You can’t learn passion, and it doesn’t grow with experience, but it’s a key issue in consulting, and, above all, it shows in the quality of your work.


That’s the way I am involved in projects with passion and zest.

I’m aware that passion has a double meaning; originally it comes from the Latin ‘pati’ which means to suffer. In other words, passion is not only about joy and ideas, it also has to do with endurance, with the stamina needed to turn ideas into facts! And, of course, it also requires discipline and taking good care of the customer’s money held in trust. But, as consultant and head of agency for many years, that part doesn’t worry me one bit.
Facts and figures
Foundation of Inhalt&Form in 1990 and development of BSW advertising agency with 20 employees. Sale to partners in autumn 2010.

October 2010, foundation of Jost Communications.

Experience in strategic brand management, advertising, public relations and journalism.

Strengths: conceptual and lateral thinking, costumer focus, professional project management.